The tour area

What Wolfgang did not know, when he bought his new home, was just how beautiful the surrounding areas were. “There are more famous places not far from here, like the Alpujarras, or villages like Frigiliana, places that are mentioned in every tourist guide, but some of them are just too famous for my liking, with all kinds of tourism and often 30% of foreign residents. In 1997 there was only one foreigner in Fornes, me. Now there are more, but it still is a normal Andalusian village.”

In the natural reserve, that starts some 100m from his door, you can ride or hike for days. Animals are abundant, mountain goat, deer, eagle and wild boar. People are not. Wolfgang says he will never get tired of this wonderful place.

Of course, everybody can ride (or hike) around here. There are maps, though not very helpful and there is the famous GR7 trail, which is poorly marked.

As a result you hear of people getting lost. The worst “case” Wolfgang personally saw was of 3 students from Goerlitz in Germany, who took 3 days to travel from Fornes to Competa, a walk that can be done in 5 hours. Another “case” that was in the media some years ago; a Dutch woman got lost hiking alone in the mountains above Nerja. She was found after 2 weeks; alive.

On treks much can happen: A horse can lose a shoe or sprain a leg (so can a person). With Maike and Wolf just one thing is impossible to happen: you cannot get lost!

An example of a tour

As almost nobody wants to do tours of more than one day, Wolfgang has created 10 different roundabout tours from 2 to 8 hours, one of which is documented here by photos and a video.

Granada Trekking Tours offers fixed tours, so a 5 hours tour lasts 5 hours. On tours longer than 4 hours, we take a break of about 30 to 60 minutes (lunch in the saddlebag).

Click on the map markers on the map to see photographs of the ride plus a description.