Gelding, born 1995. Cartujano mix, very well ridden  and extremely obedient, puts himself in stretch to help the rider get up.


Gelding, born 2007. Appaloosa mix, he’s not been ridden much, but with all the gentleness and tenacity of the legendary horse of the Nez Perce Indians.


Mare, born 2000. Unknown origin, she is very calm and strong, even suitable for non riders.


Mare, born 2006, daughter of Perla. The unknown father must have been pure Andalusian. Very comfortable to ride and sure footed.


Mare, born 2000. Hispano Arab, heavy for an Arab, extremely soft in the mouth, trained for neck reigning, high stepping in trot.


Gelding, born 2004. Anglo Arab. We rescued him in order to save his life. Now he is the most elegant horse we have. Incredibly tough. A charmer on the ground, in the saddle he still needs to be more confident. Not suitable for children or beginners.


Mare, born 2000. Hispano Arab, bought recently, but well integrated. She’s very tame, but not so strong, rather dainty. suitable for riders under 60 kg, and great with children.


Mare, born 2000. Barb type, very tough and surefooted.