Wolfgang Kloss

Wolfgang Kloss (Wolf or El Lobo in Spanish), born in 1944, studied Painting and History of Art and worked for more than 30 years as a Lecturer of Art in Germany.

He has raised & ridden horses for nearly 50 years. He moved to the village of Fornes in 2005. Fornes, Granada is situated near Embalse de los Bermejales, one of the cleanest reservoirs in Southern Spain. He speaks English, German and Spanish fluently.

When talking with Wolfgang he said “I particularly like to organise accommodation, sightseeing, events and above all individual tours for small groups, offering guided treks on foot or on horseback in the natural reserve of the ”Sierras Almijara y Tejeda”, with the option, for those who love the outdoors, of spending a night camping under the stars in the mountains (from May to October).”

Wolfgang’s knowledge of the area, it’s history and it’s wildlife makes for an unforgettable experience, he is a truly extraordinary character that will make your journey not only fascinating but educational and memorable.

Maike Denzler

Maike Denzler is German, she has lived and worked with Wolf since 2013 . They plan and prepare the tours together and take care of their guests, not only for more safety. Maike is born in 1965 and has grown up children in Germany.

She speaks English and is studying Spanish. Since the age of 13 Maike was a student in the art class of a “gymnasium” in Ludwigshafen/Germany, with Wolfgang Kloss as teacher. Besides being elected “teacher of confidence” for years, Wolfgang always had personal friends amongst his students, hanging around & helping with his animals (horses & cattle). Maike was one of them. They lost contact for more than 20 years and met again in 2012. Today they are a couple. Wolfgang on Maike: “With Maike the quality of this little enterprise has improved in many ways, she is a natural born horsewoman. Before she came, I always tried to keep the guest house clean, but now it really is! She is very resourceful and caring, once a woman of about 70 had a sunstroke. Maike stayed with her and I galloped away for help. What would I have done without her?”

Together Wolfgang and Maike make a great team and as your tour guides will always be looking after your enjoyment and your safety.