Before you come horse riding with us there are some things that you need to know. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and some facts that any visitor to Andalucia should be aware of.

Q. Must I be an experienced rider?


Quite a problem: Certainly it would be safest to say “we only take experienced riders”, but there have been exceptions (either way round).
Two examples: one, a teenage girl, who certainly had had many riding lessons, but obviously never had been outside a ring, behaved so silly and above all did not listen to what she was told, that after 2 minutes she sat on her horse shrieking and we had to cancel the tour.

The opposite was a young woman, who came to take lessons, never having been on a horse before. the third day she made the 5 hours tour (the one on the photos), and the next day she was completely well.

Q. Is there an age limit?


Our youngest “client”, up to now, was a 7 year old girl, who at home in Australia, has her own pony. No problem at all.

Then we had a 86 old man from Virginia/USA, a former wrangler. For him it was the first time in the saddle again in 40 years. After 3 hours happily spent in the mountains he was a bit stiff, so we had to help him down.

Q. Is there a time in the year, when horse riding cannot be done?


Definitely not! From November to May there can be no guarantee for sunny weather, but rain is not really common in winter, rather in March and April. On the other hand sun in springtime makes the countryside incredibly beautiful.

There is a common prejudice, that in high summer in Andalucia it is just too hot to do much horse riding. This is quite true in lower Andalucia (Sevilla, Jerez), but our place has a very special micro climate. In July and August it can get hot, but not as hot as on the coast and rarely for long. Even then it is a dry heat.

Very important: the nights are fresh with temperatures below 20° c, so even on days, when horse riding is only a pleasure in the morning, you can swim in the nearby lake, sit in the shade of our walnut trees and sleep healthily at night.

We have some land around the house, part of it just for sitting and barbecue, of course also for our guests.

Q. Do i need any special horse riding outfit?


Riding hats are obligatory in spain. As we leave the decision to our guests, we do not provide them. Of course we have some for just in case.

For your wellbeing in summer a light hat (with a strap) might be better.

Riding trousers are not wrong, but any well fitting trousers with a thin inside seam will do. More important is tight fitting underwear, often neglected. No boxer shorts!